Monday, March 11, 2013

Four Miler Done and a couple new races added

Hello again Universe,

Current Status Update
January - PCMA 5K Fun Run - Done
Febuary - Pacers Love the Run You're With 5K- Done - 40:18
Also Cupid's Undie Run 1.5 Miler - Done and Raised $700.00 for a Great Cause!
March - Four Courts Four Miler - Done - 51:19

So Saturday was the Four Courts Four Miler. I was pretty nervous about this one - as the course was basically downhill for the first half, then back up hill for the second half. My colleague Beth did this with me and was an awesome encouragement machine. She took over deciding when we'd walk and when we'd run, which was great for me. She also kept telling me I was doing great, which made me want to keep going. So yay for motivation.

Then after the race, we ran into a friend, Dan, that I'd made after the Undie Run and he joined us for brunch. Since 4Courts was a crowded mess, we made our way down to Rhodeside Grill and had a lot of fun. After that I headed home to shower and rest, since my plans with another friend fell through. Though it was probably for the best.

I'm not too sore after this race, but feel a lot of work was done in my core/lower that's good. I plan to be up and at em tomorrow morning after taking Sunday and today off.

April 20, 2013 - The GloRun (FunRun)
So my friend Dan (above) has created a Touchy Feeley team for the DC Glo Run held at National Harbor on the evening of April 20. It's all about bright colors and fun running through black lights. This should take you straight to registering with the team. The race is $40 + $3 something in processing fees. Since this race isn't timed, I'm not sure about it being the Baker's Dozen race, but I'm thinking about it.

April 21, 2013 - The Parkway Classic 5K
There is also a 10 miler, and while I want to increase the mileage, that might be a bit much for me.

May 4, 2013 - The Hero Rush
This is an obstacle course themed around firefighter challenges. It's supposedly not as muddy as the mudruns I did in 2011, but still a big challenge and a lot of fun!
Join my team "Team Chiefy" and use this code: TEAM15 for 15% off., then click on Register Now. My heat is sold out at 10:00 a.m., but I'm sure we'd meet up before/after if anyone is still interested.

June - TBD
Since I'll be in Portland the week prior for work, I might stay over and do the Color Run in Portland, Oregon. But I'm checking with some friends in Bend and NoCal to see if they'd be interested in joining me in the city or if I should try to go visit them. Otherwise I'll have to find something the weekend of June 8 or 22 as those are my only free weekends this month due to weddingopalooza. :)

July - LouziLu
This is a ladies-only MUD run! So psyched that I came upon Erin Jackson's note on FB about doing her first Mud Run event...and psyched that I get to check off a ladies race that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I've joined the Dirt Diggers team, and apparently all friends of friends are welcome. 9:45 a.m. wave. And the price is $49 from now through April ish, so you've got some time to think about it. :)

August - TBD

September - TBD
I'm hoping to do the biathalon again for Potomac River Runners, but not sure of the date yet.

October - TBD

November - TBD

December - TBD

Baker's Dozen - TBD  but maybe the Glo Run.

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